Enterprise Burn Area and Burn Permits


The City of Enterprise provides an area for discarding tree limbs and yard waste.  This material should NOT be placed in the dumpsters. You will need to get the key from the City Office to access the area.   The burn area is located immediately north of the Collection Station.
Click on the link to the right for Directions to and Instructions for use of the Burn Site.


  •  Do not place anything other than approved materials in the burn site

  •  Approved materials include natural, unprocessed wood, branches, limbs and burnable weeds, etc.

  •  Anyone found violating the rules of use will not be allowed to utilize the burn site in the future and will be required to clean the area

  •  All materials should be placed on or in close proximity to the existing pile

  •  You are responsible for things left in the site while you have the key checked out – Do not leave the gate unlocked and unattended

  • Please report any problems to the City Office immediately at (435) 878-2221

  • Processed lumber (lumber from the store), including all construction waste, cardboard and paper, tires, plastics, and other garbage are not allowed in the burn area

Please keep the area clean and allow us to continue to offer this service by following all of the rules.  Thank you.

Burn Permits:

Burning within the City Limits requires a “burn permit”.  The State restricts burning to certain windows of time.  Fire is always a potential hazard.  You must always be prepared before beginning to burn.  You should ensure that weather conditions are appropriate (times of wind and low humidity are particularly hazardous). Ensure that you have a good safe distance between the burn area and any other flammables.  Check for overhead power lines that may be damaged by fire.  You should also have a ready source of water and a shovel on hand.  Remember your neighbors when burning; smoke and ash or embers blowing towards them will not make for good relations.

Click Here for a residential burn permit application