Building Codes and Zoning Ordinances are used to help protect the safety of our citizens and to help facilitate efficient planning and desirable land use practices.

Most any significant building activity within the city requires a building permit.  Your contractor should be familiar with the requirements of building codes and city ordinances related to building within city limits.  If you are doing a project yourself, then please make sure you are in compliance with building and zoning requirements.

Residential building inspections are carried out by the City’s building inspector.

Building Permit applications and other common applications/forms for building and zoning can be found on this website by clicking HERE, or you can obtain them at the Enterprise City Offices.

Certain land uses may require that you receive approval from the City prior to such use, or may require a zone change.

Please refer to the City Ordinances for applicable city requirements/guidelines.

Click HERE for forms and applications that may apply to building and zoning.

For any additional questions or issues, please contact the City Offices.